How to get USB missile launcher working with apache on php?
17 year
Hello, i'm absolutely useless when it comes to hosting websites but have managed to fumble my way to getting a basic php-nuke site running. I have managed to get my USB missile launcher to work over the internet using the 'Striker_Missile_download.robo' file. The only way I can get it to work however is useing the webserver supplied with RoboRealm.

Main page on Apache http://thiima.no-ip.info/modules.php?name=Missile_Launcher_Control

Page on RoboRealm

As you can see the video stream works perfectly, but none of the java controls work, I assume I have to change some configuration in Apache but I dont really have the first idea what.

Thanks in advance for any help, to not to lose my missiles if you decide to fire them.

as a note if the page doesn't work its because my computer isn't on :(
ah ha
17 year
awesome it's ok i've managed to cheat by using an iframe and linking it to the roborealm webserver so its all working now. :D
Anonymous 17 year
Yup, that's the idea. Using IFrames you can embed the page from the RoboRealm webserver into your own web pages and surround the components with your own graphics.

Nice job ... but alas your machine was not on when we tried!


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