Lag of the program
GruzdevF from Russia  [7 posts]
16 year
for capture video I use an internal tuner Pinnacle PCTV pro
in options of the program I try to choose wdm driver
after end of adjustments the program hangs
process is not removed, helps only reboot a computer

to me it is not critical but with what it can be connected?

And whether still a question
Probably to add in the filter of color an opportunity to choose current color directly from a window of viewing of video??
It would be very convenient
At the moment the program simply displays current color under the cursor, but does not add it
GruzdevF from Russia  [7 posts] 16 year
All has appeared worse than I thought =/

After reboot the program is probably started with the non-working parameters and hangs.
Process is hang and it does not come to the end, whether and to replace the video input device is impossible.

To eat ways to start the program with options by default?
Where options of the program are stored?
Anonymous 16 year

Try holding down the CTRL key and then launch RoboRealm. This will cause the program to NOT load any of its default parameters. Note that RoboRealm stores its information in the registry and will load in a working.robo program on startup. Exiting the program will save information back into the Registry and create a working.robo program.

For the camera issue, do you see the same issues with other programs like AMCap? Perhaps there is something wrong with the DirectX support for that device.

GruzdevF from Russia  [7 posts] 16 year
all has turned out
GruzdevF from Russia  [7 posts] 16 year
About color picker.
I apologize, now I understood
simply not at once has understood as it works

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