Gruzdev Feodor
GruzdevF from Russia  [7 posts]
17 year
sorry my bad english =)

Has more recently learned about your program, it very much is pleasant to me

I have such problem. If all over again to open a picture, and then to open video by means of Media Reader, video is displayed incorrectly and the part of the screen is closed with an old picture

Whether it is possible to clear the screen of an old picture and to open video with normal proportions??
Media Reader Image Size fixed.
17 year

this problem has been fixed. Please download RoboRealm and try again.

Nice design on the carpet .. and thanks for the note!
GruzdevF from Russia  [7 posts] 17 year
I shall soon try

design good but robots with small wheels slip = /

very much has interested your project
now I am engaged in that that I make translation FAQ  Tutorials and different articles on Russian.
as there are many guys were interested computer sight at us at a forum.
Probably soon there will be questions on different aspects hope for your help =)

Still time of thanks
Anonymous 17 year

Sounds great! If you get those pages done let us know and we'll link to them directly.


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