I have a problem using color correction function
Joy from Korea, South  [1 posts]
3 year

I have a problem using color correction function. I want to set all the colors of the color sample myself.
But this doesn't change properly.
I tried to change the color of the 13th line, but the color of the 6th line changed. What's going on here?
The same goes for other line colors.
So I can't use the function because I can't set it to the color I want.
Tell me how to solve this problem.


Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 3 year

Thanks for bringing that to our attention. The Edit button was not modifying the correct color within that list. This has been fixed in the most recent version. If you download (from the main RR interface ->Options button->Download) you can get this fix. If you don't have access to the most recent version please use the site contact form to let us know by including your email address.


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