Velleman 8055
Edi Murway from United States  [11 posts]
4 year
Hi STeven, yet another obstacle. I just need to flip one bit of I/O.
My Velleman K8055 works with my 32 bit version of RR.
I can not get it to work with my 64 bit version of RR on another machine, is there a trick?
Another dll ?
I did notice the activity 9 years ago.
I have tried both ver 4 and 5 of the dll
The Demos both work vb and the other one.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 4 year
Just for others that might have had the same issue ... any DLL that RR uses needs to be in the same bit depth as the RR version you are running. I.e. if you are running the 32bit version of RR then you can ONLY use 32 bit DLLs. If you are running the 64 bit version of RR, then you can only use 64 bit DLLs. The bit size needs to be the same ... this isn't something that RR restricts but is not possible to mix due to the operating system.

It is also possible that the newer 64 bit DLLs may have changed since the RR module was added. We do not receive any updates from 3rd party companies when they update/modify/change their integration process which is why often newer DLLs just don't work.


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