Robustness of RR in Industrial application
Suresh K from India  [1 posts]
4 year
I am planning to develop a machine vision application to test the light beam of automotive headlamp. This is an industrial application
I want to know how robust Robo Realm is in terms of the following
1. Continued performance without memory leaks, crashes
2. Speed of processing like inspecting objects on a conveyor etc
3. Consistency and repeatability . How consistent results are

I request anyone who has used RR in industrial application to guide me and share their experiences.
Thanks a lot in advance
from United States  [36 posts] 4 year
1 Absolutely perfect. Memory leak o crash when mishandled.
2 Speed of processing depends upon how big image you are processing and how many modules using. Each module will cost some speed drag.
3 Very consistent.
But if you explain more about your agenda in detail, may be I can help you out.
Paul D from Canada  [45 posts] 4 year
I have used RoboRealm since 2008 in an industrial setting.

Stability has been excellent with conveyors that run close to 24x7 in our busy weeks.

Speed is based mostly on processing power and CPU are cheap now. Note that I have simple measurement routines that run on Atom micro PCs. Just pay attention to efficiency of your code, have clear logic and avoid unnecessary image processing.

Results are very consistent. Having a closed system and quality camera/lens is a must. One system does color comparisons and has been extremely reliable.

You cannot beat the broad range of modules beyond the image processing that allow RoboRealm to get your systems functional. I make use of serial communication to PLCs and relays, log files for databases, reading/writing of settings files and automated testing.



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