Why the change?
Techdetect from United States  [28 posts]
4 year

Price change?

Ive taken a long while since last post. I'm still working on AI robot. I have a sabertooth controller with a wheel chair working with rf.  I would like your help and in doing so a nice pre-approved tutorial.  I hope Roborealm will allow hobbist and the students to learn from what you have created and worked for.  

Thank you for what you do!

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 4 year

Unfortunately we have moved away from the hobbyist space as the amount of help required would start to interfere with professional work. I would recommend using a different solution like Aforge or EMGUCV for these types of projects. RoboRealm's price range is no longer suitable for hobbyist use.


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