Eiting in kioskl mode
5 year
Hi STeven

A query on editing parameters in kiosk mode;

When the kiosk setting are 'full window', one is able to adjust parameters, as shown in the attached image.

However, when the kiosk setting is 'full window', that ability is lost, the parameter window is no longer visible.

Is this correct?
I am running 2.76.1 and have looked at the revision history but see no mention of this.
I know that I am not entitled to an update but was wondering if the behaviour is correct.


Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 5 year

That is correct. The window would not be accessible in the full window mode. What you can do is to manually resize the GUI window to full screen which would allow the dialog to be still visible but you would not have the other restrictions the kiosk mode provides.

What's the intended effect that you are looking for? Do you need the end user to specify a size?

Roland from South Africa  [107 posts] 5 year
Hi Steven

Silly me I didn't realise the rectangles were still on the screen in edit mode, I just hadn't moved the 'screen' to the 'right' in edit mode so that I could the left edge. I thought I'd have to position the rectangles working blind.

It's for an application I am considering, where the end user would have to adjust the position of the rectangles at the edge of the screen, and the border provided in 'full window' would be undesirable.


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