Line Scan Camera
Dan from Canada  [1 posts]
6 year
Hi Steven,
Has the Roborealm software ever been used or tested with a line scan camera?
I was looking at some Basler line scan cameras (raL4096-24gm) and wanted to know if the software is capable of building an image from one of these cameras and then inspecting that image.

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 5 year

Yes, it is possible for RR to create a full image from a line scan camera. The easiest way is to ensure that the conveyor or camera movement is VERY consistent so that a line sample can be made in a consistent manner (i.e. every X milliseconds) and that the image alignment doesn't move during the full scan i.e. if the camera is bumped during the scan you will see a serious distortion in the image.

There are various ways to do this depending on your desired result. For example, one could just create a single long image that is used to process for certain qualities or one can also create an image stream of X pixels high that is processed each time a single new line is scanned from the camera. It will also depend on how fast the scene is changing and how intensive the processing rate is for the full image.

Note, because of the slow scan rate, you do need to be very careful of any vibrations, lighting, etc. changes during the scan which are not as much of a concern during single frame captures.


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