communication between labview and roborealm
Domingo from Spain  [1 posts]
6 year
Hello, I'm trying to read a Roborealm's picture from labview, for that I'm using the API server. When I send the following commands:

      <format>FBGR </format>

I recieve the following response:


How can I get the RGB array?

thanks in advance!
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 6 year

Unfortunately since there isn't an explicit way to get raw binary data in XML the above response is allowed by 261450 binary bytes of the image data. Most likely LabView will truncate this info unless explicitly read, i.e. you need to read <length> bytes after getting the </response> in order to get the binary data. Since this data can also include a zero byte the reading it as text will NOT work since its assumed text stops at a zero byte.

Have a look in the API examples labview folder to see if you can find the appropriate LabView modules to read in that extra binary data.


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