Grapes vinyard
7 year
Good morning. Is possibil to detect gapes wineyard?
I wont detect the color and the contour is for me a lot of small balls.
Thanks for reply and excuse me for my English.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 7 year
It is possible but will require a much more sophisticated machine to be able to do so reliably. The problem is that reliable detection will probably need a 3D sensor in order to segment the grapes from the background in a reliable way. For example, using produces when processing for color is easier since the grapes are a distinct color, but using is harder since the grapes are not distinct in color. More information about the context of the problem is needed to find a good solution.

But machines like


already do a very good job at picking grapes.

Anonymous 6 year
Those machines only do a good job at stripping grapes, not bunches, off the vine for wine making.
Picking bunches for fresh fruit is a different requirement and vision alone would be insufficient as you would also need touch and force feedback in the robotic hand. As someone who has picked fruit I know from experience that you hardly even look at the fruit except as a quick way to locate the fruit after that it is all touch.

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