Help needed to debug vbscript loop running on pixels.
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Hi Steven
I am trying to build my own CNC. For that I want to run a loop on array of coordinates of bright pixels. Whole idea is to run 2 servos on XY coordinates and laser on pixels value to make Laser cutter. I tried to write down few vbscripts. It run forward every time I refresh RR but not autonomous. I will really appreciate if you help me to debug it.

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 7 year

I'm not 100% sure I understand your issue ... perhaps you need to run the pipeline without using a live camera? You can do this by clicking Options Button->Other tab and set the Min Processing FPS to something nonzero. This will ensure the processing loop runs regardless of if a new image is present.

You will probably find that your method will *not* work. When you scan the image in a scan line way you will NOT get attached lines from one row to the next of the image. What you need to do is convert from a bitmap to a vector format ... unless you plan to use your laser cutter in "raster" mode ... which is much slower and not able to cut as cleanly as in vector mode.

Instead, have a look at the attached robofile. It will take an image, threshold it and then produce an SVG file (vector format typically used for laser cutting) on your desktop (see converted.svg). If you are not sure what the SVG looks like rendered you can open it in


We used this to create a cut path for a more complicated graphic ... perhaps it can offer you some hints on how to adapt this to your own use.

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I really appreciate your help. My requirement is not too complex. All I need is to run loop in my second vb script to execute array developed by first vbscript. This will resolve my problem. Will you please help me to debug it so that it run autonomously. That's all.

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