Navigation Plugin does not stay in .ROBO file
Justin Ratliff from United States  [8 posts]
7 year
I have RoboRealm 2.79.12 with the AVM Navigator.  It works fine when I add it to my .robo project, but when I save the .robo file and reopen it, no matter what I do the Navigation Plugin does not stay in my .robo file.  I have to keep adding it back.  I learned objects are still in it.  And saving to a new .robo project file does not work either to save the Navigation plugin it.

Is there a way I can keep it my .robo file or create a method to auto load the navigation so I don't have to manually add it each time?

Thank you!!
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 7 year

Its most likely due to the change from being charged to being free which has confused the save routine. Are you able to try this in the most recent version? Your particular version may have had some of the old checks that required the plugin to be authorized to work.

Justin Ratliff from United States  [8 posts] 7 year
You are right STeven.  My purchased software expired so I can't download anything newer now, but I did find a piece of information from another EZ-Robot user who was also using RoboRealm with the AVM and they suggested to add "AVM_" to the Navigator.dll file to make it "AVM_Navigator.dll" and that fixed my problem.  

Thank you!

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