MicroSoft Life Cam - VX-500
Macker from Australia  [2 posts]
6 year
Hi Steve,

Yep, back looking at vision system again, for a Moly-Cop solution with Colin.

I have an old web cam, that I have setup looking out the window at the wild life, birds & possums.

Camera is working via USB Driver in Win7, all good.

But need to understand the setup for RR - I see the device - Camera Name - 30FPS - 320x240 seems to be the default - It will not hold 640x480.

Main shows -

1|Camera_Properties Microsoft LifeCam VX-5000

Camera Test not working - Screen shows fix red dashs across Auto -Run

See attached - Sceem Images - 01 - 04.03.17.pdf (not supported to send)

Can you please give me some hints, thanks . .


Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 6 year

When you say "will not hold" what happens when you select that size in the Camera Properties module? Does it set it to the new size but on restarting RR it switches back to 320x240?

Not sure what you mean by the red dashes across Auto-Run. Its possible this it the resized initial RR image but not yet overwritten by a new image from the camera. This may mean you just have a bad old camera ... would probably suggest just trying another one.

Macker from Australia  [2 posts] 6 year
Thanks Steve . ..

I will that your advise and try a new camera . . .



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