Distorted image - grid marking reading
Kresimir Majdenic from Croatia  [14 posts]
7 year
Have an image [Grid reading.jpg] of a paper. Since real paper is not flat as expected but bent image of that paper is distorted.
When I try to crop part of image where my usefull information is (Xs in the grid) have a problem since grid's lines are not straight but curved lines.
Any idea how to detect kind of distortion (bent, rotated) and then apply appropriate correction in order to have grid with straight lines?

Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 7 year
This can be partially helped by the Cylindrical Unwarp module if you rotate by 90 degrees first. See attached robofile.

However, the amout of curvature will change based on how bent the paper is. In this case, a hardware modification of placing a plane of glass/plastic over it will really be the best solution.



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