Possible to use TV Tuner?
16 year

I'm having trouble getting your software to work with a Hauppage WinTV USB device. (http://www.hauppauge.com/)

It shows up as a device to use.

But it either tells me some other program is using it, (there's not) or that it couldn't connect.

Any advice?

Thank you.

TV Tuner
16 year
We have exactly that device and it seems to work fine. Be sure to have an antenna attached otherwise the image just comes in black.

We re-tested it prior to sending this message. As we are not having any connection issues it is most likely that you do have another program that is using it. Perhaps you have installed a application that is monitoring or recording the video signal in the background? Perhaps you can try with another computer to see if the Hauppage device is working correctly?

I assume that you are seeing that message when you try to change the video source dropdown in the Options dialog? Or are you seeing it popup somewhere else? Note that error message is not coming from RoboRealm but most likely the DirectX subsystem.

Anonymous 16 year
When I run the WinTV app I see a live picture from the >tuner< and all is fine as usual.

When I run Robo I can choose 2 items:

Microsoft WDM Image Capture (W...the rest is cut off because the window size is small.


Hauppauge WinTV PVR2 U.... (cuts off, probably USB)

If I choose the WinTv I get the Robo error:

"Could not connect to Hauppauge WinTV PVR2 USB2 Encoder. Is your video camera/device plugged in?"

I want to see the tuner feed. (very important)

Is this possible?

Some side comments:

The .robo file for the color tracking tutorial has the RGB filter set to red instead of green.

If I run the video file of the camera view (robot_view.wmv) and do the tutorial using it, it's not very clean. Also I had to remake the movie so it would run at all in the program. Not sure where that problem lies  : )

A gallery of robo cam video for practice would be nice  : )

Is there a way to clear out the pipeline list of events in one shot? Select all delete? Or Delete all?

Your response time on support is outstanding  : )

TV Tuner Issues
16 year
We have updated RR to display an Err Code: in the popup once you've selected the WinTV device. Can you download RR again and let us know what that error code says? It appears that somewhere in the rendering of the DirectX sequence things are not working correctly. We've not had any other reports of this so it appears that you may have a unique problem.

Anonymous 16 year

Thank you very much for taking the time with my issue  : )

The error code is:


TV Tuner
16 year
The error appears to be coming from the last stages of setting up DirectX. The routines that is failing is the one that finally creates the renders all the configuration together and starts perviewing the video. It fails in exactly your way when some other program already is already capturing the video. We duplicated your error by simply running another capture program (AMCap) and then ran RoboRealm and tried to select the Hauppauge TV Tuner.

Now you have a quest to see if there are any other programs running on your machine that you may have installed that are using the TVTuner .. this can even include audio programs. It is most likely something new that's been installed by Hauppauge since their application seems to still work. I'd check what's running in your process table and terminate anything that seems suspicious.

One alternative thing to try is to use another program like AMCap to try and see if it can access the TVTuner ... perhaps Hauppauge has changed the way they provide video to a more proprietary sequence.

Are you able to view the TV Tuner video in any program other than that provided by Hauppauge??


Anonymous 16 year

I just reinstalled all the WinTv drivers, middleware, app, and decode software from their support site.

The WinTV application itself works fine as it always did, but Robo and Amcap will not   : (

I have no other software that I can see that's using the WinTV

I tried the camdiag from the same author and got these errors:

Driver not registered with NetMeeting (I don't use it)
Capture graph failed to render
Unable to position the video preview

So unless these error messages help you, I guess I will just have to buy a regular webcam in order to get video into Robo.

Also if I have other issues, do you prefer I put them in this thread? Or make a new thread for each issue?

For example that the looping of playback in the media reader has never worked for me no matter what movie I try. Even your own movie:


It will just play once. I have to always stop and restart for the file to play again.

Again thank you for your time!

Media Reader Fixed
16 year
One last thing you might try is to reinstall DirectX (DirectShow). Since the error appears in more than just RR perhaps something systemwide is going wrong. Unfortunately it may also be that WinTV might be doing something proprietary with their drivers so that only they can access their device! Then again it may be a Windows service that they installed with their software that is holding onto the device. Do you see a WinTV service in your services list?

I think you may want to think about going out and geting a webcam at this point. :-(

We fixed the looping issue with the Media Reader. Please download RR again to get that fix. If you have other issues just create a new thread. This helps to keep the thread length under control so that others can easily read and find a thread about a specific topic.

Card in use
Pyrofer  [2 posts]
16 year
Hauppauge software installs IR remote stuff as well as a couple of other apps, pay carefull attention when installing to this.
Do a complete un-install of the capture card, and use the Hauppauge tools to remove all drivers etc.
Then, do a clean install with the absolute minimum of just the card driver and nothing else. That may help.
Your not using Media Center edition are you?

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