VB Script changes variable but not applying?
Alec from Canada  [8 posts]
7 year
I was able to create VB Script to change FPS variable but it doesn't seemed to apply.. under "Avaliable variables -> FPS" in the picture is set 3.75 but quickly flickers to 15 FPS, and back to 3.75 and it repeats this flickering... I am not sure what could be conflicting this...Changing through video format always works though..

Thank you.

Alec from Canada  [8 posts] 7 year
Oh and when I put sleep and run, FPS briefly changes to set number (3.75) but changes back to 13...I don't have any other program open so I am not sure why....


Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 7 year

The fps variable is mainly a read only variable. One can set it but it will immediately get overwritten by the next pipeline iteration when the system updates that. The system will NOT read that variable to determine a frame rate to run at which is why you are getting such confusing results.

If you want to delay the processing speed:

1. As you mentioned, changing the camera fps directly will do it.

2. Adding the Camera_Properties module and setting the fps *might* do it. (Some cameras just don't respond to that DirectInput request).

3. Changing the Max Processing FPS in Options button->Other tab should do it.

4. Adding the Timer module at the start of the pipeline will do it.


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