Camera FPS vs Processing FPS
Alec from Canada  [8 posts]
7 year

Is there a difference when changing processing FPS (through"other" tab) or camera FPS (through "video format" tab)?
For example, if I change processing FPS to 1, and camera FPS is 30, will the performance be the same as processing FPS as 1 and camera FPS as 1? Does camera FPS even matter if processing FPS is lower in terms of performance?

Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 7 year

Changing the cameras fps will change the amount of data being fed into the PC (typically) and will affect the pipeline if it is running fast enough. I.e. if the pipeline only has one module and is running close to 30 fps changing the camera fps down will decrease the pipeline speed too.

The system FPS (min/max) will do things differently. Using Max will ensure that the pipeline not run faster than the specified fps even if the camera is running faster ... frames are just ignored/skipped. The camera acquisition process will still capture frames at the rate the camera is delivering them but just not fed into the pipeline processing at that rate. (Camera capture is asynchronous).

Changing the Min rate will cause some frames to been seen more than once since it will wait a very short period for a new frame to be present, but if not, will just reuse the same frame as before to ensure that the pipeline is running at a min fps. I.e. a really slow camera will NOT slow the pipeline down since frames will be rerun to keep the speed.

So typically, one just plays with the camera fps and not change the system min/max rates unless you are doing something without a camera (not all RR scripts use a camera).

The system will run at the lower of either the camera fps or the max processing rate.

Make sense?

Alec from Canada  [8 posts] 7 year
Thank you for detailed reply Steven.
Alec from Canada  [8 posts] 7 year
I've tried few times but I was unable to make Roborealm set processing FPS... Is it the driver issue?
On unrelated note, changing language option, I was able to change to all other different languages but unable to change back to English. Took me lot of tries to get back to English...

Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 7 year

Its worth downloading the latest version just in case the changes that accepted a decimal fps are in the version you are using. I just verified with 2.83.1 that setting the max processing to 3.75 in fact does reduce the fps to 3.7.

We also fixed the language issue in case that comes up again.


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