Camera FPS through xml
7 year
I am using RoboRealm xml to communicate.

I am able to set compression (compression, "Y16") but unable to set FPS (frame_rate, "3.75"). and when use:

I get response of

And sometimes sets to 30 and sometimes to 3.75 with same response.

RR version is 2.80.38 and would like to keep this version if possible.

Anonymous 7 year
I am also using IC Capture to connect to camera but not at the same time as RR. RR exposure setting always follows exposure setting set in IC capture but FPS doesn't...It seems random, toggling camera button sets FPS to 3.75, sometimes sets to 3.75 on start-up and sometimes it doesn't regardless of setting set at ICC...

Anonymous 7 year
And whenever RR starts with FPS of 30, if I toggle off and on again, FPS sets 3.75..

Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 7 year

We've reviewed the COM object for issues in sending a decimal number (just in case that's what you were using) and also corrected a format issue that would have prevented the fps from being set correctly over the API.

The above response request has also been fixed. It was returning time_per_frame instead of fps.

The latest version has these fixes.


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