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Anonymous  [6 posts]
7 year
I want to capture image from webcam and write it in a folder and then load the same image onto the RR interface. Images are captured after every 10s  using Timer which is then saved using Write Images  but then in the load module, it ask for the path of the folder to be uploaded. When I enter the same path where images are saved, it requires to select the first image but since The program is not RUN write now, there are no images. Is there a way out?
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 7 year
If you are saving the image from RR, why do you want to reload it back into the same application that just saved it? If you plan to use another instance of RR to do this, you can skip the saving of images entirely and just use the Distributor Client/Server to send an image from one instance to another.

If you are processing the image and then need to reload a refresh copy, just use the Marker module to do so by setting it to load in "Source". The marker module is a memory based saving/loading module that is how you temporarily load and save images into and from memory ... very useful module to know!

Perhaps you can also include your robofile so that we might better understand what you are trying to accomplish.


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