CScript incomplete
Daniel from Ecuador  [2 posts]
7 year

I have a problem, I open a roboream program i made before, but the Cscript_Program is incomplete, same in other archves i made before,

I made those about april, just download the new version 2.80.22 and prgrams cscripts not open well


//Vaariables para controlar angulos de los servos
int xServo = getVariable("X_SERVO");
int yServo = getVariable("Y_SERVO");
int gServo = getVariable("G_SERVO");

int xServomax=1840;
int xServomin=1385;
int yServomax=1380;
int yServomin=1650;

The other 100 lines missing (everything)

plz help!
Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 7 year

There has'nt been any updates to the CScript module that might cause this ... but there is always a possibility that something else might be causing this. Could you attach the original .robo file here that includes the CScript module with the full CScript text in it? We'd like to test loading that up and see where it might be truncating the text.

There is a memory limit in CScript which we have increased just in case that's the problem ... but this would have been in all the previous versions too so is unlikely to be the issue.


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