Prompting on screen with Beep sound
JAHEERUDDIEN SHAIK from United Kingdom  [3 posts]
8 year
Dear Steven,

Good morning,

Could you please share some program in which a prompt the screen with a beep sound (like a prompt like motor speed is very high  followed by  a beep sound  or any one of them) based on if condition..??

Kind Regards,
Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 7 year

An easy way to do this is to use the Latch selection in the if_statement module. That will ensure the condition only triggers once until it becomes false again ... otherwise you will get constant beeps while the condition is true. See attached.

In your case you would set the trigger variable to 1 only when the motor speed is very high. When the speed lowers and the trigger variable is set to 0 that will reset the latch for the next time the value is high again.


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