Serial Module losing ComPort Setting
16 year
With regard to the Serial Module:

I downloaded the latest RR and subsequently  found that the when I open RR, a previously selected Port number reverts to blank in the drop-down selection box.
I.e. I have to reset the Port setting every time RR is opened.
Should not this setting be saved to the registry?


COM port selection bug
16 year

Correct! There was a bug in this selection. It has now been fixed and uploaded. Please download RR again to get the fix.

Actually all the current settings are saved to a working.robo file (as apposed to the registry). Global settings such as the current camera in use, current image filename being processed, etc., are saved in the registry.

Working Now
Ian Drennan from South Africa  [9 posts]
16 year
Thanks Steven,

The problem is fixed and the module is working fine now. This had me scratching my head a few times before I spotted the problem.


Anonymous 16 year
You're welcome. Thanks for the bug tip! I'm sure it caused a lot of confusion amongst other users too!


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