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JAHEERUDDIEN SHAIK from United Kingdom  [6 posts]
8 year
Dear Sir,

I am M.Sc student of Cranfield University, UK trying algorithms using ROBOREALM in SRV. Recently we purchased roborealm commercial version for my project. I am trying to guide SRV based on Image matching module.I loaded 4 images using same SRV camera and trained. I found that image matching is identifying the images within a given confidence level but when I used the variable "MATCH_LABEL" to give controller commands it's working only for the 1st image and not for others. For example I gave if image is 1 then commands to turn right, if image 2 then commands to turn left etc. In the end if image not matched it will display no image matched.It's observed that images are getting matched in image match module. But "MATCH_LABEL" variable not getting continuous display in VB module and even though its matched only the commands in 1st if statements are only getting executed. Kindly help me what I should do to sort out this problem.

Kind regards,

Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 8 year

I assume you have recorded images from when the robot turns? Keep in mind that as soon as the robot turns you will experience significant motion blur unless you are in a really REALLY bright room. So most likely what is happening is that the image matching is failing since too much blur is in the image.

Keep in mind that the image matching module is based on color statistics ... so if you record the images using one type of light (ie. overhead light) and then attempt to run that in sunlight you will probably not get very good results.

What we found on the SRV is when you change direction you want to turn and then STOP in order to get a good image. We also tried variations of pulsing the motor which creates a very jerky movement but the images between those jerks are better to process. You will have to be patient with the little guy!

You can also include your images that you are training on here in the forum if you still can't get things to work. Once we see the images it might be easier to understand your immediate issues.

Can you also post your VB code here? Perhaps the error is a simpler scripting issue. Are you using a GetVariable when you should be using a GetStrVariable?


JAHEERUDDIEN SHAIK from United Kingdom  [6 posts] 8 year
Dear Stevens,

Thank you very much for your very valuable feedback. What you said is correct..initially I used GetVariable instead of GetStrVariable. But that I realized within a day.

Images I used for image matching /object recognition are the snap shots taken from SRV itself with (Mostly of same intensity) with same crop size which I am using in the program. In last 5 days the main problem I am facing is though my program passing commands in VB script to motors (In variable columns of VB script window I saw clearly  that program is running and it's passing correct commands), execution of the same is not happening. Most of the times computer getting hanged. However when same commands I use without image matching or object recognition it's working well.  Even I tried by varying command times for motors but it's not working with image matching/object recognition. This is happening even if I am using 3 images instead of 14 images which initially planned.Image matching found slightly better in processing when compared to object recognition.  I think load on processor is very high in image matching / object recognition. If you could suggest me some solution or alternate method in Roborealm for this problem it will be of great help for my project.

Kind Regards,

Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 8 year

What is the small gray number on the right side of the pipeline next to the image matching module? That's how many milliseconds are being used for that particular module. It should be quite small for image matching unless something is going wrong. If you see more than 00:100 can you zip up your 14 template images and post them here? I.e. the images you are training on as perhaps there is something in your images that is taking too long.


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