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JAHEERUDDIEN SHAIK from United Kingdom  [6 posts]
8 year
Dear Stevens,

Thank you very much for your help on IF_Statement module and call function module. I tried its working for integration of different programs also.

I require your kind help on one more issue. As I stated earlier I am trying out some autonomous vehicle motion algorithms using Roborealm.  During my project I found that in RGB filter pixels of particular color are varying hugely and changing with atmospheric light also (Morning to evening variation). This problem I faced when I am using Green and yellow filters simultaneously in-spite of using intensity,hue etc. So I though its better to program based of COG instead of on pixel values. Could you help me out is there any way available to find out Centre of gravity (COG) of two or 3 colors simultaneously and individually so that these variables can be used in my programming.

Kind Regards,
Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 8 year

That's a common issue when dealing with the outside environment, i.e. different lighting conditions.

If you want to get the COG of more than one color simultaneously just ensure that the image before the COG module has all those colors in white. You can use the RGB Filter module to detect more than one color and set all the results to white. The COG would then show the center of all those colors (converted to white pixels since the COG expects non-black pixels).

See attached.


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