Will IR LEDs help with image contrast?
Doug from United States  [2 posts]
8 year
I have a general question about lighting.  It seems that lighting considerations are close to the top of the list when analyzing a video stream.  

After reading many forum posts and the documentation, I get the impression that adding active LED illumination (LEDs on the camera or near it, facing outward) to the existing visible light in the room will help create a better image for processing.

Is this true?  In general, will adding LEDs to an existing image stream help at all?

billy from United States  [10 posts] 8 year
Yes and maybe. Natural lightning for vision processing is troublesome. Intentional lighting for the object-of-interest is suggested (somewhere on this site if my memory serves).
It's wrong to say IR LEDs will help with image contrast. The best light source will vary by application. If you're sorting parts by color, then you'll want to use illumination that best shows of color of interest (that is unlikely to be IR). If you need to look at features on an aluminum surface then I would guess that IR would be a terrible choice due to IR specularly reflecting well from metals compared to shorter wavelength light. Maybe that same effect though would make a diffuse IR source work well.

My point...if there was an easy answer you would have found it doing your research. Only you will be able to find the best source of illumination for your application.

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