Phidget servo control
Brian from Denmark  [3 posts]
8 year
I have this error "unable to connect to phidget" when i try to use the phidget module in RR.
I have windows 10 pro 64 bit and downloaded the latest phidget drivers which work well with my phidget advanced servo controller 1061_1 8 ch.
Im using RR ver. 2.80.2 and have the phidget21.dll.
Please advice me what to do ? i have also searched the forum for answers, but answers where outdated.

kind regards
Brian Johansen

Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 8 year

Just to be sure, are you running the 32 bit version of RR or the 64 bit? The phidget drivers will have to be of the same bit number otherwise RR will not be able to load them properly.

I assume you can control the phidget device using their own software from the same machine? This is to ensure that all the connections are good and that the device works as expected.

You can also try running RR as admin. Right click on RoboRealm.exe and select "Run As Administrator" in case there is a access rights (possible in win10) that don't allow you to connect to certain USB devices.

Finally be sure that no other app is currently using the Phidget device that you are trying to access as only one process can capture that device at a time.

Brian Johansen from Denmark  [2 posts] 8 year
Thanks a lot for your answer.
Im Using x86 Roborealm which must be 32 bit. Where can i get 64 bit Roborealm.
The phidget drivers is installed both as 64 bit and 32 bit automatically when the pbhidget installer detects my 64bit win 10.
Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 8 year

Not sure if this helps but we updated RR to check for both drivers and report a mismatch if one exists for Phidgets. You may consider downloading the latest version and see if that reports anything different.

In your original email you should see two links, the first is 32 bit and the second is 64 bit ... but only for commercial purchases.

Brian from Denmark  [3 posts] 8 year
Hi Steven
Now i have downloadet the 64 version 2.8012 and roborealm crashes whenever i start webcamera up.
The Phidget servo module is not to be found anywhere in the software ? is it not surpported anymore ?
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 8 year

If the app requests to send the crash reports after restarting please allow those to go through. Without those reports its impossible for us to determine the nature of the error. Typically with the 64 bit version its an issue with the Camera drivers (they also need a 64 bit version) which is why for many situations the 32 bit is better supported.

The phidgets servo module is still supported. Just type in Phidgets into the search tab and the first result is the servo module. Do you not see this?

Brian Johansen from Denmark  [2 posts] 8 year
Thanks. I did let the report go through.
I will check if i can get a 64bit camera driver for my camera.
The phidget servo module is not present, even if i search in search tap unfortunately.
Brrian Johansen
Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 8 year

Hmm, we didn't see that crash report. Its possible that RR cannot reach outside your network ... its probably blocked.

Also, can you click on the search tab, type 'ph' (without quotes) and send us what you see? I see the attached which shows the Phidgets servo module as the first result.



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