A simple question in a previous VBScript sample
Jason Majj from China  [1 posts]
8 year
Hi, there! I'm a member of the FRC team 5515, Blue Power, which is also a group from Shanghai, China. So this year we're trying to trrrrrrrrrrrack the target by using ur great software. I mean, it really helps a lot. We have overcome most of the troubles by browsing the Tutorials and other posts. However, still here's a simple question from us which is related to the VBScript part. So I noticed that u gave some tutorials for 2012 FRC games and posted a sample VBScript to calculate the distance between the target and the camera. There's a variable which is the "targetHeight". I wonder if it means the distance from the target to the ground (Ytarget-Yground) or the distance from the target to the height of the postion of the camera (Ytarget-Ycamera)? Also, I wonder if the unit of the value is in inch?
Since it's very close for us to give out our robot, I hope that I can get the reply ASAP and we will express our heart-felt thx to anyone who can give us an answer. Anyway, Thank you.

Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 8 year

The targetHeight is the size of the target in the vertical dimension. It will ALWAYS be the same for a target like its width. Thus the dimensions of the target can be thought of as width * height.

The units are not important as long as you are consistent. I.e. if you use feet then stick with that for all values, size with cm. If in doubt, convert to ft since that was what the tutorial uses.


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