Camera Freezing with Convex Hull
sandy currie from United States  [9 posts]
8 year
I am having problems with Roborealm locking up on a live image when using the Convex_hull method.  The symptoms are that when adding the method the image is fine at first.  If there are lots of blob and the image is rapidly moving, the image from the camera freezes on the last frame.  There is no way to recover and you are unable to exit the application.  The program must be killed via the task manager.  This problem has been duplicated on three different computers that are all running windows 10 64 bit.  The source of the camera image does not seem to have an impact.  We have tried several types of web cameras and an IP camera. We would love to use Roborealm in our FRC robotics competition but if we are unable to resolve this problem we will need to fond another vision processing solution.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 8 year

I sent an email earlier today ... please download the latest version which should have a fix for this.

Note, we also added another technique in the tutorials page that doesn't use the Convex Hull technique ... in case you just want a different way to do this.

sandy currie from United States  [9 posts] 8 year

Sorry for the double trouble call.  I did not see your reply to my first message a couple of hours ago and I was busy testing many different cameras and options.

I downloaded the latest version.  I think this has the same version number as the last.  2.79.115.  This appears to have fixed the problem.  I will be able to test more thoroughly tomorrow when I go to our robot site where we have some reflective target images.

How do I get a “serialized” version for my FRC team that I get when I first registered and was sent the link?
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 8 year

No problem! Glad we were able to connect.

When you try things out tomorrow be sure that the camera exposure is set such that the image mostly appears dark ... otherwise it will not work. The second Visual Targetting #2 tutorial uses green color checking which can work better if the exposure isn't set correctly but is not as reliable as the convex hull technique. So stick with what you have unless you have to need to change.

Also, we are releasing new versions almost daily to address any issues / add / modify existing features to make things easier for everyone.

The link you should have received is after typing in the code from TIMS on


which is good for up to 5 installs. I.e. you use the SAME link to download one or more copies and then install on 5 machines. You can download the app 200 times if you want ... but only 5 will install. Once installed you can also update any time and as many times as you need. That doesn't affect the license.

You can also uninstall and reinstall to move a license should you need to do that. Those installs will not expire like the trial version.


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