Zone -passing
Suciu Calin from Romania  [2 posts]
8 year

I would like to count the vehicle that pass the read zone from attached picture.
Do you have any solution?Which constrains  do I have?

Thank you

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 8 year

Because you have some wires in the image in front of where the cars would be that can move/sway that might cause some issue. Given your image I would instead see if you can track the movement of the boom barrier. That would move very much the same each time and it probably a more reliable way of counting cars (assuming that cars respect the one car at a time). If you decide to go this way take a couple pictures of the boom in a raised position.

Regardless of the technique, you will first need to capture a bunch of images (you can take them manually) of cars entering into the lot. You will need these images for testing purposes. Ideally you would take video over a 24 hour period or over a couple hours just to ensure you have any sunlight issues (i.e. direct sunlight can reflect off cars and cause camera blindness).

Do you expect to track them at night?

I think that tracking moving cars instead of the parked cars as you suggest will give you a better result. But would you not also need to track the exit? For parked car checking you'd need a better more vertical angle ... unless you can add in a 3D sensor.


Suciu Calin from Romania  [2 posts] 8 year

Thank you for your reply.

I have now other parking where conditions like sunlight,shadows ,etc are ok.

I would like to make a test with:

1.Movement tracking of the vehicles near boom barrier (for entry and exit)
2.Surveillance for parking spot in the  Parking lot (counting )

Please let me know which is the suitable products that you have and when I can start the tests.

Do you have Acceptance test Protocol for these products?

Thank You


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