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I am a RR newbie trying to get off the ground and gain some experience for the next FRC season. I am trying to use RR 2.61.17 with an AXIS M1013 camera.  (I'm doing this on my laptop, NOT with the FRC robot system.)  When I start RR, I selection Options/Video and see two selections in the drop down:  Integrated Webcam and Microsoftt WDM Image Capture. I have chosen Intergrated Webcam and can see my handsome face in the RR image window. I have played a bit with RR such as applying the RGB filter etc.  Now, I would like to work with the AXIS  M1013 set to view a vision target.  I have the AXIS camera connected to my local connection and I can get video from it by entering the IP address ( in a Chrome browser.   What I am trying to do is select the video from the AXIS camera instead of the laptop webcam.  I have tried going to Control/Cameras/Axis_Internet_Camera and setting up the dialog for the AXIS M1013 and then clicking START.  I see the AXIS camera line in the processing window.  I never see any feed from the AXIS camera in the image window, only the integrated webcam.   I feel like I should see the AXIS camera in the dropdown in Options/Video dialog, but it still only has the two options listed above.  Is there something else I need to do to get RR to recognize the AXIS camera so I can get feed from it instead of the integrated webcam? Do I need the Axis Streaming Assistant?
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The Axis is an IP camera and as such doesn't have a DirectShow interface like webcams do when you just plug them in via USB. The dropdown interface only shows DirectShow cameras. IP cameras are essentially unknown until you tell the system they exist by specifying the IP address.

The way RR extends to other camera systems is via modules. Thus the Axis module MUST be used to access the Axis IP camera. In fact, you should switch off the Camera button in the main RR interface as that again is just for DirectShow cameras.

The setup using the module with the correct camera selected should work ... just be sure that if a username/password is required that you type that in too. Also, if you happen to be running the video in the web browser at the same time, try shutting that down first.

If you are still unable to see the Axis camera in the main RR window, are you able to place that particular camera on the internet so we can try it remotely? I'm not sure why that would not work if you had the browser showing the same video but you never know ...

Finally, you may try downloading the latest version that you can (see the 'click here' text at the bottom of the download page) to see if that perhaps has a fix included.

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Upgrading from 2.61 to 2.77.7 when I received it got the Axis camera working.  Thanks for the prompt support.

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