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Lev from Russia  [11 posts]
7 years
Dear STeven,

I have two photos. 1.jpg - an empty table. 2.jpg - a table with a plate. As to me to find the plate edge, for example as in res.jpg?

Steven Gentner from United States  [1443 posts] 7 years

See the attached. Note the images are scaled to 320x240 since in these cases of pixel comparison more resolution isn't a good thing. 320x240 seems to give a good result and will process quicker.

Basically the movement module is used to calculate a difference between the current and background image. Then processing the results gives you the nice purple line ... these are now coordinates in RR as variables.

Naturally, you need to test this on 50+ more images to see what happens in all cases. Its easy to get one image to work but much harder to get 50 all working.

Run the attached and load in the test.jpg image to see the result.



Lev from Russia  [11 posts] 7 years
Dear STeven.

Thanks for the answer. Reduction of the size of a picture helped.

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