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Dave from United States  [8 posts]
9 year
I am embarking on a project which will require reactive navigation.   I have acquired a long range LIDAR hokuyu(sp?), a roboteq dual channel motor controller, a couple ultrasonic sensors, two hub motors and a usb motion sensor with accelerometers and compass.   It appears everything will be close to plug and play....the question I have is what do I do about the computer?.... On board with say windows7 CE....or wireless from the robot to the computer.   Also I really need help with turning the raw data into meaningful commands.   There will be the robot with one or two objects interacting with it and a boundary wall.
Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 9 year

In your case, I would assume the robot is already large enough to carry a regular laptop ... which I would recommend. While one can transmit all that data back to a base station for processing the lag can become an issue. Having the signals merge on a laptop that is on the robot with some stats items being sent to a base station would be the preferred route.

I'd avoid CE since many of those components that you mention require a regular Win machine for the drivers to work.

The more sensors you have the more work you have. I'd start with one sensor and pick a task you can accomplish just using that sensor. Once that works, move onto the next sensor. Trying to work on all of them at once will be very confusing and you'll not know what goes wrong when it does with any particular sensor.

Note, after more than 10 years, we STILL working on just the one sensor (i.e. camera) and have many more years to go till that's done! :-)

Dave from United States  [8 posts] 9 year
Thank you for your help.  Yes it is definitely big enough for a laptop so I agree that wireless is one less headache to deal with.   And after careful thought I believe I can accomplishment most if not all of the required tasks with just the lidar which I have up and running in Roborealm.   Things are starting to fall together.  It's just confusing with so many different languages, boards, etc etc.   too many choices with too little knowledge.


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