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Ahti from Finland  [1 posts]
8 years
Hi ,

Attached cam file is working ok , i can shift the camera picture with PgUp&PgDn .
But is there a way to start the program immediately to use Tab2 or Tab3  ?
When i start the program (load Cam32.robo at startup) , it starts with blank screen and waits for keystroke.
Keyboard_read seem to override everything above it in the pipeline .

Steven Gentner from United States  [1443 posts] 8 years

Yes, use the Set_Variable module and set the call_tab to the first tab you want to execute. Be SURE to set the "Set Once" checkbox which ensures that the variable is only set once on startup. From there on, the keyboard module is used to change the variables value.

The 'Set Once' in the Set_Variable module was created to be used for initialization of variables.


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