Load_Image from network drive
avrrobot from Germany  [1 posts]
8 year

I am using the Load_Image Module to load a series of pictures from a folder. This works great when the folder is locally stored on my hdd, but when I try to load the pictures from a network drive, it doesn't load any picture anymore.

I am using version 2.50.

Any suggestions?

Steven from United States  [1445 posts] 8 year
You will probably need to update to the most recent version. I've just tested the load image (and multiple load from a folder) over a network drive and it appears to work after some updates. You'd have to get the most recent version for loading multiple images over a network drive.

Note, you will probably still need to ensure that you can get to that folder outside of RR in a file explorer before this will work. This will ensure that if any authentication needs to happen that this is done before using RR ... RR will not popup any authentication and just fail. This is worth testing even with your current version if you cannot upgrade.


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