Imran from United States  [1 posts]
10 year
Any update on the GigE camera support or module?
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 10 year
Yes, we just uploaded a beta version of the GenICam module. We are looking for folks to help test this module with their machine vision cameras. While the GenICam spec does help to standardize much of the communication there are always small inconsistencies that may arise.

v2.61.28 has the GenICam module.

John Cabrer from United States  [5 posts] 10 year
Hi Steven,

I was really excited to see that GENiCAM support is being added.  I have a very large collection of cameras that use the GENiCAM standard that we can put to the test.

This morning I tested a FLIR A35, a Basler ACE, and a Baumer 3DCube.  I was able to scan for them, and see them in the dropdown, but non of them reported their supported video modes, or the raw XML.

When I pressed start, RoboRealm crashed.  I forwarded the crash reports.

If you need me to try anything, just let me know.  I have several other cameras around as well.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 10 year

Thanks for the crash reports. It seems that the delayed DLL loading isn't work quite right in your situation. I assume you download the GenICam reference and installed? It should complain if you did not but its possible it failed to check correctly.

Are you using a 32 bit or 64 bit system?

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 10 year

We double checked on a couple different machines and there was a problem with the detection of the needed DLLs. The error you describe is caused by not having the GenICam DLLs. We've corrected this to better indicate this situation. You can either proceed to genicam.org to download these or use


to download just the Windows drivers as the reference implementation comes with a couple other OS's in a large 72Meg download (the above link is only 7Meg).

Once you unzip and run that it will install the GenICam DLLs that help to parse the information from your cameras and let the module know how to communicate with them.

John Cabrer from United States  [5 posts] 10 year
I have the 64-Bit reference installed.  I'm downloading the 32-Bit now.  I'll report back once I check things out.
John Cabrer from United States  [5 posts] 10 year
The Basler ACE works, although RR reports that the image is in an unknown format.  If I allow the unknow format to be submitted for inclusion, RR sends, apparently with success, but then crashes.

If I deny the request to send the image, I can then proceed, and use the image from the camera.

The FLIR camera has similar behavior, but additionally seems to have a bit more trouble with the image.  It displays the image only for a moment, and then the image turns to black.

So far, I'm only trying the 8 Bit mode.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 10 year

We saw the format email. It appears that the first image returned is just a bad one. We've updated the module to discard that in case it happens.

We also added an image fault field in the module interface that will increase in count each time a problem with the image is encountered. See if that value increases with the FLIR module when it goes black.

The image data is sent over UDP which is sensitive to network errors ... if that's the case the image fault number should increase very quickly as an indicator.

We also fixed the crash issue with the format sending.

v2.61.32 has these updates.

John Cabrer from United States  [5 posts] 10 year
The Basler ACE seems to be happy now.

The FLIR camera (it's an Ax5 series, by the way) still displays the black image, but occasionally shows the temperature image for just a moment.  After the image disappears, there is usually an error dialog indicating that the XML could not be read.  I do see the XML data being dumped in the module though.

I don't see the bad image counter you described.

I have attached a dump of the XML, in case there is anything to be learned from it.

I have other FLIR models to try, and a C4 3D camera from Automation Technologies.
John Cabrer from United States  [5 posts] 10 year
I tried a FLIR A315 and A615.  Both complain about the XML.  No image.

One bug to report.  When the dropdown list gets enumerated with avaiable cameras, pressing start will not take the first camera in tge list unless the user explicitly selects it.
ANTHONY KEARNEY from Australia  [2 posts] 9 year
Imperex B1310 - Working with RR.

Thanks to a lot of work by Steven, we are using the Imperex B1310. There are some minor bugs still being ironed out, but it is definitely usable. I'm very impressed by Steven's commitment to this software. I'm getting better support for this software than for some of the much more expensive automation software we use.

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