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Robert from Ireland  [6 posts]
10 year
I have been using the AVM Navigator module for use with my application and am just wondering is it possible for it to learn a new object using "Learn from Motion". Obviously it recognizes a new object from motion but can this new object be renamed, and identified again when it reenters the frame.
Any information or help with this would be greatly appreciated.

EDV  [328 posts] 10 year
Unfortunately but you can't rename object that was trained from motion from index 0 to another. However you can remove object (that was previously trained) by single shot of NV_REMOVE_IDX to 0 (see here for more details: http://www.roborealm.com/forum/index.php?thread_id=5055# ). You should set variable NV_REMOVE_IDX to zero only one time (single shot) for clearing of the recognition data that was associated with index 0. If you would try to keep zero value in NV_REMOVE_IDX variable during long time then it could lead to clearing data without nonstop and in this case learning would not work.

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