RR unable to write files
MarcoN from Netherlands  [1 posts]
9 years
Hi Steven,

Today started using RR (Version 2.57.5) on my new windows 7 (embedded) computer. To my surprise suddenly RR doesn't function correctly any more and I get the following Error message:
"Warning, could not monitor '<foldername>\Samples' for changes!"

For some reason RR can't write in the folder even though there are read&write permissions (at least the same as when used on my previous winXP pc and I didn't experience this on this winXP pc).

Since I don't need to retrain my shapes for the shape_match module I unchecked "Monitor Folder and ReTrain on changes". This made the error disappear. But I also noticed that the output files I write with RRmodule "Write_Variables" don't contain data any more. Apparently RR cant write into those files any more either. Extraordinary is that RR does create the files, but leaves them empty.

Any idea why this suddenly occurs on my new PC and on how to solve this?
Steven Gentner from United States  [1442 posts] 9 years

Most definately a permissions issue. Its possible that the permissions allow for creation but not for writing to a file. I'd try changing the paths to something like your desktop and see if that works better. Alternatively, running RR as Admin (right click on .exe and select 'Run As Admin') may work.

You may want to check sites like


for more information on setting access rights.


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