AVM. How to know the next waypoint X,Y coordinate
Emmanuel from France  [2 posts]
10 year
The Robot that I made uses a small embedded PC (WXP) with my own software and RR.
My software controls all motors and sensors of the robot. And now, the software has a good control command of the robot to avoid any obstacle before to be stuck and to anticipate the speed depending what it has in front of him. It knows how to turn, to move forward and backward, to control speed using all its sensors. The only command I need to indicate are forward during X meters, backward during X meters or turn X degree. Also, it can go alone without any help from human.
The 1st problem is that it doesn't know exactly where it is and where are the path to go to its target.
I did some tests with RR and AVM Navigator and I am convinced that they are a real value-added to my robot.

So, to learn the map, I let the robot to go away alone and it used the marker mode with setting variables NV_FORWARDS, NV_BACKWARD, NV_LEFT and NV_RIGHT to -1 when needed through the TCP/IP API server. The map looks good despite the fact that I need to adjust some parameters yet to get right angles. So the marker mode of AVM seems to work fine in this case and I got an acceptable map.

My problem is the "Navigation by map" mode because I would like to use it to know where the robot is, to plan the path and to calculate the intermediate waypoint but without RR controls the robot. (I would prefer to use my own software to control it. I just need target coordinate)
Thanks to AVM, I have the current coordinate of the robot with NV_LOCATION_X, NV_LOCATION_Y and NV_LOCATION_ANGLE. I have the final target coordinates with NV_IN_TRG_POS_X and  NV_IN_TRG_POS_Y. But I don't know how to get the intermediate waypoint coordinates.

My question is : Is there a way to get the intermediate waypoints coordinates through API server ?

If so, I will be able to use the current coordinate and theses to calculate the direction and the distance to go to the next intermediate waypoint, and so on until the target.

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EDV  [328 posts] 10 year
I added new variables NV_WAYPOINT_X and NV_WAYPOINT_Y to the next version of AVM Navigator plugin but this version is not updated in RoboRealm package yet.

So, you can update now RoboRealm package to version 2.57.12 and then download AVM Navigator v0.7.5.2 plugin from here:

Further just unpack file "Navigator.dll" to the ".\RoboRealm\Plugins" folder.

AVM Navigator's changes:

  NV_WAYPOINT_X - current waypoint X coordinate;
  NV_WAYPOINT_Y - current waypoint Y coordinate;

These variables indicate the current position of waypoint.
Emmanuel from France  [2 posts] 10 year
Thanks a lot. It works exactly as I wanted.

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