Is the following possible, using the RoboRealm software?
Roi Neustadt from Israel  [1 posts]
9 years
My name is Roi.

I have this 40cm long RC plane, that flies in front of a very large billboard poster (15X15 meters) - the billboard containing various size of letters and images from 20X20cm to 5X5 meters.

I have been wondering, would the following be possible, using the RoboRealm software??

What i want to do, is to be able to be with my Windows XP laptop and a web-cam, in a distance of 10-30 meters from the billboard, and be able to recognize in real-time or fast enough, the location of the RC plane, in relation to the letters and images printed on the billboard, and save these results as a simple X Y text file (e.g. a series of points: RC-Plane XY, Image number (i) XY, RC-Plane XY, Image number (j) XY, RC-Plane XY, Image number (k) XY etc...).

Is that a reasonable and achievable goal, using The RoboRealm and this common hardware and win OS ??

If the answer is yes, possible, how complicated would that be? Will i need only to use the RoboRealm basic interface options and maybe some script level 'glue' programming, or will i need to go deeeeeep into programming to achieve this?

Thanks a lot,
Roi Neustadt.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1442 posts] 9 years

The answer is a maybe. Are you able to post that poster image so that we can take a look at it? It sounds similar to what we were doing for the FIRST competition last year ... i.e. using a big target as a locator. Have a look at


to see what I'm talking about. If your poster has similar corner features it might be possible to produce a mask file that can be used in the visual localization module to determine your location based on what the poster looks like.

So a definite maybe, but more info is needed (i.e. image of the poster).


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