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huang from Malaysia  [1 posts]
10 year
hi , i m new using roborealm
      i have question about the car tracking at here : http://www.viveknadar.com/inquisitive/2010/12/tracking-cars-on-a-freeway-using-roborealm-a-webcam.html

do, if i want to total all the number of car that had tracked any display on screen.... what module should i use?? and how??
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 10 year
There isn't a specific "track car" module but instead that capability is made up from several modules. The reason is that each case can differ in a way that we cannot predict which would require a change to which modules are used or at least their parameters.

Most of the car counting techniques will use movement detection as a core module. Note that you are not really tracking cars ... but instead looking for large amounts of movement. Most tracking techniques use this and assume that within a movement amount range the object is a car. This assumes the video stream is pointed at a road or somewhere you'd expect cars to be.

If you look on the page that you mention, there is a download link to download the robofile (RoboRealm configuration) which is a text file that includes which modules are to be loaded. The example provided uses a video file as the source but this can be removed or changed to different video sources.

You can use that file by right-clicking on it and saving the target. You should get car-track.robo which can then be dragged into RoboRealm to show what modules are being used.


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