tenvis jpt3815w not working with motion detection
David O Connor  [2 posts]
9 years
Hi all, I'm new here, just a quick question if anyone had a similar issue.
I can view my ip camera in roborealm when I fill in the necessary ip address
and admin and password. That's fine, just when I followed the tutorial on utube with the diy turret he goes on to say press examples then open motion detection, when I double click on motion detection I lose the feed from my camera, has anyone had the same issue.. thanks guys. Hope someone has a workaround
Steven Gentner from United States  [1443 posts] 9 years

(As answered offline but repeated here for everyone else) The movement module will set non-movement to black by default. Thus, if you use that module on a non-moving image it should turn black. Any movement should be visible but the image will remain mostly black. You can change this by selecting other options.

Should you want to restore the image after this module for viewing purposes use the Marker module to revert to the Source image.

David O Connor  [2 posts] 9 years
Hi Steven, thank you for your reply. Got it working with your help. Much appreciated

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