Roland from South Africa  [107 posts]
11 year

Hi All

How do I get RR to wait at a point during filter processing. I want to do something like;
Color_Filter      (red, the screen will look red)
wait for key press "b"
Color_Filter     (blue, screen only changes after "b" is pressed)
wait for key press "g"
Color_Filter     (green, screen only changes after "g" is pressed)

I've tried VB scripts but it seems to ignore the wait, unless my syntax is wrong.

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 11 year
I assume that based on your other post that you may have what you need.

The trick is that you cannot wait in RoboRealm. You NEED to continue processing otherwise you will freeze the video frame. What you have to think about is modes. I.e. in the current state you execute one If_STatement block, whereas when you switch into another mode you then execute another If_Statement.

If you want to get very advanced, you can also use the Call module to call different tabs based on what state you are in. This can allow better visual separation of functions ... but it is the same thing as using multiple if statements.

Roland from South Africa  [107 posts] 11 year

Hi Steven

Ok, I think I'm still battling with the continous processing concept. I'm having the same problem while learning VB6. I'm used to programming in Pic assembler..

I'll get another seat shortly so I can test at this PC too.

This might better explain my dilemma, and perhaps easier for me to get it if you explain using this scenario;

Imagine you have 4 cups on a table. One is Red, another Blue, another Green, and one white.

I'm going to pan the camera, and want to treat only one cup at a time. When the Red one is in view, only,  I'm going to set up a number of filters, and then a decision will be made as to process further. The panner will wait for external imput before moving on. If it's OK, it will now move to the Blue cup. At this point, everything that pertained to the Red cup must be disabled, it has no bearing at all on the Blue cup. I presume I would use 'Marker(source) at this point. Thing is, if I have 20 cups, is it still processing cups 1 - 19 in the background? Will it drastically slow the processing speed?

Another option I thought of is to run multiple instances, where each instance will process one cup only, and the variable result will only be acknowledged when the scanner is in front of that cup.


PS, I wanted to use my credit card, but see I still only have the Paypal option.

Roland from South Africa  [107 posts] 11 year

Of course! Yes, using 'if' I could seperate any command, using any input. Sorry, slow learner...


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