Windows 8 RT
Danh from United States  [79 posts]
10 year

Any plans for Roborealm to support Windows 8 RT? Cheap ~$250 7" Windows 8 RT tablets will be hitting the market soon and would make a nice robot platform if running Roborealm. I also believe Windows RT support native C++ so maybe a Roborealm port isn't too painful.

Steven from United States  [1445 posts] 10 year

Actually the architecture is quite different and would require a porting of the app ... not as bad as convering to a completely different platform but still a lot of work. It also seems that Windows RT is not a very popular platform and still undergoing some growing pains. We'll see how things develop in the coming year and decide on if a port would make sense.

Please feel free to post your experiences so we can use that when we evaluate RT.

Danh from United States  [79 posts] 10 year
Windows RT isn't popular yet but hopefully that will change when lower cost devices hit the market. I heard that future operating systems from MS will merge the Desktop OS with the Mobile OS. I also read that the OpenCV folks are working on a Windows RT port.

Steven from United States  [1445 posts] 10 year
Cool! Thanks for the info. If you hear about any other news with respect to Windows RT please post it here!

Danh from United States  [79 posts] 10 year
Looks like some of these small 8" tablets will have full blown Windows 8 instead of Windows 8 RT!


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