Speak Module keeps on retaining previous longer string
Christian Claudio from United States  [10 posts]
9 years
I wanted the computer to say things like "Target Acquired" or "Tracking", but whenever "Target Acquired" is stated then "Tracking", it is gonna say "Target Acquired Tracking" and it keeps on repeating the statement. I am currently controlling the system by sending a string via network tables to a receiver network table on RR to a Speak Module. I would greatly appreciate help on this.
Pranav Lal from India  [9 posts] 9 years

Are you reinitializing the variable containing the text before sending it to the speech module? You may want to try that.
Christian Claudio from United States  [10 posts] 9 years
That is what I have been trying for the past few days and it is not doing the trick to stop the module from restating the longer string. It must be something about the module though since I shut off the NT link to the Speak module and it kept restating the string.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1442 posts] 9 years

Can you include your robofile? It seems like the string that is being spoken is being appended to? Otherwise, its a bit unclear as to what the error is ... is it that it is just repeating the phrase over and over or is it saying the wrong phrase. If it is the repeating just add a Set Variable yourvariable="" after the speak module which will zero the variable and stop any future text from being spoken unless the variable is then set again.


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