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James from United States  [1 posts]
11 year
In microsoft visual programming language (vpl) how do you use the roborealm services? There are three services for roborealm listed in the services section: "roborealm interface", "roborealmsimulation", and "roborealm VPL".

If I were to just add the "roborealmsimulation" to the vpl diagram (nothing else added), the simulation runs fine, roborealm opens, the robot goes towards the cone and backs off and repeats.

but how would one use the roborealm interface in a different simulation?
I currently have another robot, pioneer3dx in an apartment scene enivronment simulation, how would one connect roborealms to the camera on the pioneer3dx? or is it possible with the current roborealm services?
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 11 year

Its not easy but possible to do. Everything you need is included in those examples that you mention but a deep understanding of the MSRDS is needed in order to get everything to work as expected.

If you look at the simulation one, you will see where the image is fed via the RR services to RR. Once there the image is processed and variables set. These variables are then read back into MSRDS by the same service. In this way you are exporting the image to another application for processing and reading back the variables.

You'll have to take time to become familiar with how MSRDS interfaces with its services to get the right parameters and classes ... but everything is there.


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