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Hello. Sorry for my English.

I'm doing a little project that involves recording (10 seconds) the webcam image if variable (mouse_x = 1). This variable is a test, when I get recording (this step) that is activated by the movement of a person.

This project will help me to monitor my home when an intruder is detected. The problem I have is that it does not perform well at all. I hope you can help me, you have the program that I have done so far.

By the way, I'm doing tests with the integrated camera of the laptop. But I would buy an IP camera. You know of any that is economic.

Thank you.
Anonymous 10 year
I am the person of first comment.
This is the program module with motion. Now the recording is variable activates is MOVEMENT_PERCENT > 0.

If the recording is done, but with image slices. I would like to detect a movement record for 1 minute uncut.

Thank you.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1444 posts] 10 year
See the attached which is based on your file. The movement check is for 5 percent so you may decrease that BUT NOT TO ZERO.

Also, it is recording just 10 seconds for testing. You can increase that to 1 min in the AVI module.



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