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Techdetect from United States  [28 posts]
11 year
To all Roborealm users:

I was wondering what success have you had with your wireless cameras.  I am looking to control a robot using xbee, arduino, motor shield and of course Roborealm.  Not really looking for a wifi camera but could use your comments though.  I am looking for specific details.  What type of camera are you using, what cost, how do you power the camera(battery ect.) How long does the battery last.  How reliable is it.  Average cost should be between 50 and 150USD.  

Thanks for all of the replies.

Carl from United States  [18 posts] 11 year

I use a TRENDnet TV-IP110W camera, for a battery I'll be using a
2200 mAH lithium-polymer.  Bear in mind that the camera only uses
5 volts and draws an amp and a half of current.  Since the battery
is 11.1 volts one must provide regulation, the best solution I've
come up with is a Murata Power Solutions OKR-T/3-W12-C which
you can get from either DigiKey or Mouser for a bit over $6.  The
battery was about $20, and the camera I managed a deal on for
a bit over $50.  Battery life is dependant on how much of a load
you place on it, and a robot has plenty of loads beyond the
camera itself - I'm aiming for about 20 minutes of runtime.


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