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tawsif from Mauritius  [7 posts]
17 year
hi folks
refering to yesterday's post;
I have included the segmented images
now once the preprocessing achieved,  I want to output a bit to the parallel port
I've included the RR's parallel port module and connected a DB-25 male connector with 8 resistors and 8 leds to test the port
but things seem not to be working
I've even copied the inpout32.dll to the system32 directory but even then the leds did not lit
Can somebody plz figure out where I've erred?

Anonymous 17 year

Looks like we almost cross posted ... in terms of this information you probably have an issue with the parallel port connection. If you click on the checkbox next to each of the pins (without selecting a variable) the parallel port should switch on and off the led ... this will allow you to test the bit sending without worrying about the rest of the detection routine. Assuming they do not work try switching the LPT port to another port. There have been reports of different address' being used in different Win32 machines which do not correlate to the address' we used.

The inpout32.dll is probably ok as the application will complain if it cannot find that dll.

Let us know if switching the LPT makes any difference.


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