Drive Servo in Basic Stamp
DanielC from United States  [6 posts]
17 year
How do we make  a Pin in a Basic Stamp controller (BS2) high or low from Roborealm?
Any code with similar applications would be appreciated.

Basic Stamp
17 year
You should be able to transmit a signal to the BS2 using the serial module. That was what it was created for. Note that the serial module allows you to create any type of signal protocol so you can decide what and how to sent the information to the BS2.

Unfortunately, we do not have any BS2 code that reads in serial signals but that is built into the basic capabilities of the BS2. If you have something that you've started on and have issues post it here. Perhaps we can help decipher what is going wrong.

Serial Communication With Basic Stamp
DanielC from United States  [6 posts]
17 year
I was trying to communicate with the Basic Stamp through the serial control. I have done it with VB6 sending out Chr$(255) Chr$(15) Chr$(0)
and was able to recieve it in BS2 using the SERIN command and turn on outputs and drive servos. THis was based on an example shown in www.rentron.com. I used a similar approach in Roborealm
I was not sure of what I should have in the intialization sequence in the serial control. So I copied the initialization sequence you had in the documentation example
I was trying to send  \255\15\0 or \255\15\1
My Basic Stamp code was set up as follows to recieve the data
SERIN 16,16780,[WAIT(255),PinNumber,PinState]
and command BS2 to change state of various pins or drive a servo
My ultimate aim to be be able to have closed loop vision control based on parameters like COG_x.
I thought I was able to turn on the output a couple of times. But since then I am not have any success.
It is possible that I am not doing something right
Anonymous 17 year

You may find this forum thread interesting.



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